Sometimes people want to film me and play it back on television. Other times they like to sit with me or talk by phone and then write down everything I say (whether it makes any sense or not) and print it in a magazine or the newspaper.

Often when fans (Mom & Dad) check out the results, their first comment is, “You changed your hair color AGAIN?”

Heck yeah. So many colors, so little time. 🙂

On that note, I hope you enjoy this brief selection of my “greatest media hits.”

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==> Or you can watch Pearl, Malti & Bruce in the media instead (highly recommended):






==> How Two Turtles and a Parrot Are Teaching Me to Love My Life

==> Meet the Mentor in YOU – with Jenni Schaefer

==> Breaking Free from a Disorder: An Interview with Shannon Cutts & Jenni Schaefer

==> Image Magazine: Students Speak Out About TCU Female Body Image

==> Mentoring: A Gem in the Recovery Toolbag

==> Mindfulness: Relationships Replace Eating Disorders

==> Woman’s Day: Understanding Adult Anorexia

==> Cutts Draws on Personal Experience in Educating Students About Eating Disorders

==> Glamour: Beating an Eating Disorder Isn’t Easy

==> Say Yes to Life: The Road Back from Eating Disorders

==> Preliminary Examination of a Mentor-Based Program for Eating Disorders (National Institutes of Health: Journal of Eating Disorders Online)

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