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Hi! My name is Shannon. I am a freelance writer, pet & people blogger, author, songwriter, and exotic species keeper.

Shannon is an excellent writer and a highly valued member of our team. She is a great author, and an absolute pleasure to work with. – Lucy Easton, Red Cat Media

Shannon is an accomplished writer. Her words have the ability to connect easily with all people about important issues like recovery, learning, personal growth, health, wellness, & more. – Kimberly Krueger, MSW, LCSW

Why yes I am for hire!
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Love & Feathers is a delightful account about love in its purest literal form. It is a story about finding your destiny just as you should; suddenly, when you least expect it. – Emi Berger, DVM

I have always loved all animals, but birds have become my heart. And that is why I like your book so much. You touch the bird in me. – Ellen Cook, DVM