Two Great Books!!

It is every author’s dream-come-true….if one published book feels good for the self-esteem (not to mention the wallet), well, then two published books must feel even better!

I am happy to finally be able to confirm this statement is absolutely true.🙂



Love & Feathers, the newest addition to this author’s bookshelf, features a very special (and feathery) co-writer….who gets asked for autographs far more frequently than his large featherless co-author does!

p.s. No experience of “Love & Feathers” is complete without a visit to Pearl’s official online home, Love & Feathers, the Blog, or his official online store, Love & Feathers, the Shop.




Beating Ana, of course, focuses on the essential addition of a mentor, or recovered person, to a recovering person’s support team.

p.s. Be sure to browse on over to MentorCONNECT for a firsthand experience of mentoring after you’ve read the book!

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