I spend quite a lot of time writing….and not just books. In fact, most of the writing and blogging I do is for freelance clients. 

(Why yes, I am accepting new clients – thanks for asking!)

A snapshot of what you can expect to see on my (our) writing desk if you visit me in my home office.

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We are so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Shannon for all of our article writing needs. She is an excellent writer with amazing research and story-telling skills. No matter the topic, Shannon is keen to write beautiful, detailed content within our set deadlines for our clients. Her work is well written, on-time and above all of our expectations. A pleasure and honour to work with her!

Madelyn Clarke – Marketing Strategist and Creative Coordinator, OSM Online Sales & Marketing

….or just click on each graphic here to read selected samples of my freelance work.

Anything German Shepherd
Anything Rottweiler

Shannon is one of the most reliable writers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Not only is her work comprehensive, but she is also able to successfully discuss a variety of topics in the style we prefer. I don’t have to worry about editing too much with Shannon’s articles, and I’ve consistently trusted her skills in research and writing for special projects. She always accepts feedback with enthusiasm and is able to produce quality pieces quickly. We truly value her perspective and hope to continue working with her! 

Evelyn F. Romans  – Managing Editor, Contributor Network, The Krazy Coupon Lady, LLC








Shannon is an excellent writer and a highly valued member of our team. She follows instruction well and produces articles that are well researched and easy to edit. Her tone is friendly and approachable. She is a great author, and an absolute pleasure to work with. 

Lucy Easton – Editor, Red Cat Media

Shannon Cutts came to me at Be A Freelance Blogger with one of those pitches every editor dreams of receiving: It was polite, followed the guidelines, stayed on topic, and — most important of all — had a FRESH take on the chosen topic. The written drafts that followed were equally stellar. Shannon never complained about needed edits (we’re very picky at BAFB) and remained positive throughout the publishing process. Her finished article is a polished gem and is currently one of my personal favorites. And she even stuck around to answer comments from readers! If you’ve got a blog in need of good writing from a writer with a positive attitude, give Shannon a try! 

Lauren Tharp – Editor, Be A Freelance Blogger

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