Once upon a time there was this little girl who dreamed of sitting in a cabin high up in the mountains, writing songs and sending them into the big city to spread their wings and soar….

Then the little girl grew up and discovered the best way to share her songs with the world was to sing them herself and post them on YouTube. 🙂

She also found out that soaring is a lot harder than it looks!

Today, Pearl is the one who does most of the soaring…and also most of the singing, come to think of it.

But since Pearl wasn’t in the band when we recorded these songs, you will just have to imagine him tunefully warbling (shrieking) along as you listen.

And you can always visit us here, there and everywhere to listen to music from the “songwriting years” (and watch rare live performance footage on YouTube).

Listen wherever music is streamed (and sold).

Or head straight to the song (or CD) you want to listen to!


For Me to Hold single song CD




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