I love to shop!

Whenever my mom and I get together, we like to go thrift store shopping.

Mom and I have found some awesome treasures this way.

This store is a little different.

It features some of my personal favorite creative music and writing projects, all crafted with the express purpose of offering joy, upliftment and smiles to YOU.

Shop for Books

Love & Feathers: what a palm-sized parrot has taught me about life, love, and healthy self-esteem

Waffles & More: a Love & Feathers recipe book (delicacies people & parrots both enjoy)

Beating Ana: how to outsmart your eating disorder and take your life back 

Shop for Bling

Nab sparkly parrot jewelry and make a donation to Pearl’s “Save the Waffles” fund!

Shop for Music

Listen free and shop … wherever music is streamed online.

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