If there is someone in front of the camera in this casa, it usually isn’t me.

It just so happens I live with three of the cutest, smartest, sweetest, most photogenic flockmates on the planet.

So you will usually find me behind the camera right where I belong, capturing cuteness and sharing it with the world.


Meet the Flock

.007 Pint-Sized Super Spy

A Hungry Tortoise & Her Girl

Bruce Meets Mrs. Mini-Bruce

Bruce Vies for the Hand of His Lady Love

Bruce’s Tips for True Love

Bruce’s Tips for Romance

Love & Feathers: Our Story (Book Trailer)


==> How Two Turtles and a Parrot Are Teaching Me to Love My Life

==> Meet the Mentor in YOU – with Jenni Schaefer

==> Breaking Free from a Disorder: An Interview with Shannon Cutts & Jenni Schaefer

==> Image Magazine: Students Speak Out About TCU Female Body Image

==> Mindfulness: Relationships Replace Eating Disorders

==> Woman’s Day: Understanding Adult Anorexia

==> Cutts Draws on Personal Experience in Educating Students About Eating Disorders

==> Glamour: Beating an Eating Disorder Isn’t Easy

==> Preliminary Examination of a Mentor-Based Program for Eating Disorders (National Institutes of Health: Journal of Eating Disorders Online)

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