If there is someone in front of the camera in this casa, it usually isn’t me.

Reason being, I live with three of the cutest, smartest, most photogenic flock mates on the planet.

So you will usually find me behind the lens, capturing cuteness and sharing it with the world.


Meet the Flock

Love & Feathers: Our Story (Book Trailer)

.007 Pint-Sized Super Spy

A Hungry Tortoise & Her Girl

Bruce Meets Mrs. Mini-Bruce

Bruce Vies for the Hand of His Lady Love

Bruce’s Tips for True Love

Bruce’s Tips for Romance


Music by Shannon Cutts; Edited by Tanner Saul


==> How Two Turtles and a Parrot Are Teaching Me to Love My Life

==> Meet the Mentor in YOU – with Jenni Schaefer

==> Breaking Free from a Disorder: An Interview with Shannon Cutts & Jenni Schaefer

==> Image Magazine: Students Speak Out About TCU Female Body Image

==> Mindfulness: Relationships Replace Eating Disorders

==> Woman’s Day: Understanding Adult Anorexia

==> Cutts Draws on Personal Experience in Educating Students About Eating Disorders

==> Glamour: Beating an Eating Disorder Isn’t Easy

==> Preliminary Examination of a Mentor-Based Program for Eating Disorders (National Institutes of Health: Journal of Eating Disorders Online)

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