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“Love & Feathers & Shells & Me” (formerly “Good News for Recovery + Life”) is our little flock’s monthly free letter.  Learn what each flock member is up to, new projects, personal musings from the large featherless assistant (aka moie), tortugan growth charts, all that good stuff!

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July 2019: Faith & Confidence: Could They Be One & the Same?

June 2019: Getting Comfortable in Your Own Company

May 2019: Putting Your Whole You Back Together Again

April 2019: You Are More Than Your Shell (So Am I)

March 2019: Building Up Your Tolerance for Self-Care

February 2019: What Do You Really Want?

January 2019: Where Does Your Mind Go To Rest?


December 2018: Look Inside and See Who Is There

November 2018: Where to Go When You Don’t Know Where to Go

October 2018: Who Is In Your Circle of Good Company?

September 2018: Living a Life You Feel At Home In

August 2018: Waiting = Brave

July 2018: Sing to What Scares You

June 2018: The Joy of Taking Up Space

May 2018: Your Body Loves You Unconditionally

April 2018: Your Body Has a Life of Its Own

March 2018: Your Mind Wants to be Happy

February 2018: When Your Soul Feels Lonely

January 2018: This World Is Ours to Share


December 2017: Becoming a Blank Canvas

November 2017: The Best Way to Change What You See in the Mirror

October 2017: How to Make Friends With the Unknown 

September 2017: How to Know How Strong You Are (a hurricane Harvey story)

August 2017: You Are Allowed to Be Happy

July 2017: The (Very Normal) Discomfort of Contentment

June 2017: You Can Trust the Process

May 2017: Is Your Body Image Bad, Good or Kind?

April 2017: How to Eat With Gusto

March 2017: The Power of Giving Yourself Permission

February 2017: The Two Kinds of Body Talk

January 2017: You Are More Important Than Your To-Do List


December 2016: It is Time for Sufficiency

November 2016: My Gratefuls List

October 2016: When You Feel Lost, Let Nature Lead

September 2016: Yes, You Really Can Re-Learn Body Love

August 2016: The Art of Not Taking Yourself Personally

July 2016: How to Make Friends with Money

June 2016: The Place Where it Hurts is Also Where it Heals

May 2016: When Your Body is Weak Your Spirit is STRONG

April 2016: How to Get to Know the Real YOU

March 2016: How I Know You Have What It Takes To Live Well As “You”

February 2016: My Journey to Learn How to Hold Success

January 2016: How I KNOW Body Love is Possible


December 2015: Learning to Be On Your Own Side

November 2015: Choosing “Now” (and why it is worth it)

October 2015: Why I Love My Stomach

September 2015: How I Discovered the Truth About Receiving and Giving

August 2015: That Moment You First Meet Your Best You

July 2015: The Secret to Sustaining Happiness

June 2015: Your Way IS the “Right Way”

May 2015: The Face of Unconditional Love

April 2015: You are Wonderful

March 2015: How I Absolutely, Positively KNOW You Can Recover

February 2015: NOW is the Right Time (and You CAN Do It)

January 2015: You Have Friendly Mentors all Around You


December 2014: Your Journey is Well Worth Your Effort

November 2014: You are Living Proof that Gratitude Heals

October 2014: Your Body is Worth Getting to Know

September 2014: You Can Give Yourself Permission to Love Your Body

August 2014: You are Living a Great Life – YOURS

July 2014: You Can Become the Person You Want to Be

June 2014: You Have Already Survived the Toughest Day of Your Life (so you can survive this too!)

May 2014: “You” is the Best Person to Be!

April 2014: You Do Have the Courage to Allow Time to Help You Heal

March 2014: Your Good Thoughts Hold Great Power

February 2014: You are You for a Reason

January 2014: You are Triumphing Over the Growing Pains


December 2013: You Absolutely CAN Change Your Mind

November 2013: You Can Do It – Whatever “It” Is

October 2013: You are NOT a Victim

September 2013: You Have the Right to Rest

August 2013: You Have Every Right to be Proud of You

July 2013: You Really Can Love Your Body

June 2013: You Will Survive Your Own Hard Times

May 2013: You Are Your Own Reward

April 2013: You Really CAN Love Yourself

March 2013: You Were Born to be You

February 2013: You Are Aware

January 2013: Your Sad Feelings Make You Strong


December 2012: You ARE Good at Recovery

November 2012: You Have Such a Good Heart

October 2012: You Can Be HAPPY

September 2012: You CAN Forgive Yourself

August 2012: Your Loneliness is a Good Thing

July 2012: Everything Really IS Alright

June 2012: You Can – and WILL – Figure It Out

May 2012: You CAN Trust

April 2012: You Can Hold Joy

March 2012: You, Too, Can Renew

February 2012: You Deserve Kindness

January 2012: Yes, YOU Can


December 2011: You are Your Most Precious Gift

November 2011: You are Succeeding Every Day

October 2011: You Have Everything You Need

September 2011: Today is Another Great Day to Be YOU

August 2011: You Are Trustworthy

July 2011: You Really ARE Strong Enough

June 2011: YOU Are There for You

May 2011: You Deserve a Little Bling!

April 2011: You Are Doing a Great Job Living Your Life

March 2011: YOU Are Here for Your Support

February 2011: Hello Beautiful YOU!

January 2011: You Are Your Own Miracle


December 2010: Look at YOU!

November 2010: You are BRAVE

October 2010: YOU Are Someone to Be Grateful For

September 2010: Yes, YOU Can (recover, help others, achieve your dreams)

August 2010: YOU Are a Recovery Rockstar

July 2010: There is Always a Reason to Have Hope

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