Advice for an Aspiring Freelance Writer

Recently some newbie writers have posted a series of “how to” questions on one of the writers forums I belong to. I have created kind of a composite question below that encompasses a lot of the questions a new freelance writer who is just getting up and running might have. I hope these thoughts areContinue reading “Advice for an Aspiring Freelance Writer”

Guest Posting That PAYS

My eagle eye is always trained to detect signs of new paid writing work online. There is simply nothing worse than spending hours trolling Craig’s List (or other similar minefield-laden mega-search engine) reading through post after exciting-sounding post, only to get down to the end where the pay is listed and see “no pay”. Hrrrmph.

Letter to a Young Writer

Recently I received a question from a young aspiring writer. In fact, I’ve gotten several questions from aspiring writers (of all ages) lately. If I’m being honest, I will admit that this sort of thing makes me automatically turn around to look behind myself – you know, for that other, much older, wiser, and moreContinue reading “Letter to a Young Writer”

On Writing a Best Seller

I have not yet met any actual writer – or any aspiring writer – who does not want to write a best seller. For that matter, I have never met any writer at all who has ever said to me, “I hope only 10 people read this book.” Writers love readers. Period, the end. WhatContinue reading “On Writing a Best Seller”

Should You Self-Publish Your Book or Seek a Publishing Deal?

To self-publish or seek a traditional publishing deal….this, it would seem, is today’s big question in the author community. If you are very, very sure you are the next John Grisham or J.K. Rowling – except that right now your bank account is in the bright red – a traditional publishing deal might serve youContinue reading “Should You Self-Publish Your Book or Seek a Publishing Deal?”

How to Write and Publish a Book

You often ask me, “how did you write and publish a book?” From the outside looking in, it can seem like the most mystifying process in the world. It certainly looked that way for me, when I was first beginning the process. But in hindsight, I realize now that there were really only two stepsContinue reading “How to Write and Publish a Book”