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2 thoughts on “Connect

  1. Hello Shannon. I just read the July newsletter on the discomfort of contentment. I’m think I might be feeling that. I hate this feeling. It scares me because I’m always afraid that just around the corner, life is going to give me pain. What I can’t seem to understand is why I can’t feeling any emotions. No happy, no anger, some guilt and anxiety but basically “numbness”. Is this normal? Please help a confused follower who still has her E.D in her life (but not as much for a bully as he used to be). Thx, Sherry


    1. Hi Sherry, well, if my own experience sheds any light on things for you, then yes, that is a phase I have also gone through. Sometimes it still comes and goes, but now I see it as a time of peace and rest – a temporary state that arrives for a reason and will depart again once I’ve rested for a bit and built my energy for life back up. I don’t know if that is helpful to hear? Sometimes also numbness can be a “tamping down” of healing work yet to be done that you just aren’t quite ready to do – strength- and energy-wise, I mean. You know it is there, but you also know you need to just rest for a bit before you tackle the next challenge on your journey. So much of healing is about patience and timing in my personal experience at least. And emotions – even really positive-feeling ones like happiness – can take a lot of energy to feel and express. I used to really struggle with the “even keel” periods in my life until a life coach I worked with for about a year helped me understand that they were just little oases of rest – they wouldn’t last forever, and if I didn’t take their support and rest when the chance presented itself, I would regret it when they left and life came back in full-force again. With her help I was able to gain a bigger-picture perspective of the cycles and ebbs and flows of my own life and not worry so much if what I’m feeling right now, today, will last forever….or never return. I really hope that is somewhat helpful – the question you ask has a very individual (to you) answer, but these are some tidbits of wisdom I have received from my own journeys down a similar path. ❤


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