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July 2019: Faith & Confidence: Could They Be One & the Same?

June 2019: Getting Comfortable in Your Own Company

May 2019: Putting Your Whole You Back Together Again

April 2019: You Are More Than Your Shell (So Am I)

March 2019: Building Up Your Tolerance for Self-Care

February 2019: What Do You Really Want?

January 2019: Where Does Your Mind Go To Rest?


December 2018: Look Inside and See Who Is There

November 2018: Where to Go When You Don’t Know Where to Go

October 2018: Who Is In Your Circle of Good Company?

September 2018: Living a Life You Feel At Home In

August 2018: Waiting = Brave

July 2018: Sing to What Scares You

June 2018: The Joy of Taking Up Space

May 2018: Your Body Loves You Unconditionally

April 2018: Your Body Has a Life of Its Own

March 2018: Your Mind Wants to be Happy

February 2018: When Your Soul Feels Lonely

January 2018: This World Is Ours to Share


December 2017: Becoming a Blank Canvas

November 2017: The Best Way to Change What You See in the Mirror

October 2017: How to Make Friends With the Unknown 

September 2017: How to Know How Strong You Are (a hurricane Harvey story)

August 2017: You Are Allowed to Be Happy

July 2017: The (Very Normal) Discomfort of Contentment

June 2017: You Can Trust the Process

May 2017: Is Your Body Image Bad, Good or Kind?

April 2017: How to Eat With Gusto

March 2017: The Power of Giving Yourself Permission

February 2017: The Two Kinds of Body Talk

January 2017: You Are More Important Than Your To-Do List


December 2016: It is Time for Sufficiency

November 2016: My Gratefuls List

October 2016: When You Feel Lost, Let Nature Lead

September 2016: Yes, You Really Can Re-Learn Body Love

August 2016: The Art of Not Taking Yourself Personally

July 2016: How to Make Friends with Money

June 2016: The Place Where it Hurts is Also Where it Heals

May 2016: When Your Body is Weak Your Spirit is STRONG

April 2016: How to Get to Know the Real YOU

March 2016: How I Know You Have What It Takes To Live Well As “You”

February 2016: My Journey to Learn How to Hold Success

January 2016: How I KNOW Body Love is Possible


December 2015: Learning to Be On Your Own Side

November 2015: Choosing “Now” (and why it is worth it)

October 2015: Why I Love My Stomach

September 2015: How I Discovered the Truth About Receiving and Giving

August 2015: That Moment You First Meet Your Best You

July 2015: The Secret to Sustaining Happiness

June 2015: Your Way IS the “Right Way”

May 2015: The Face of Unconditional Love

April 2015: You are Wonderful

March 2015: How I Absolutely, Positively KNOW You Can Recover

February 2015: NOW is the Right Time (and You CAN Do It)

January 2015: You Have Friendly Mentors all Around You


December 2014: Your Journey is Well Worth Your Effort

November 2014: You are Living Proof that Gratitude Heals

October 2014: Your Body is Worth Getting to Know

September 2014: You Can Give Yourself Permission to Love Your Body

August 2014: You are Living a Great Life – YOURS

July 2014: You Can Become the Person You Want to Be

June 2014: You Have Already Survived the Toughest Day of Your Life (so you can survive this too!)

May 2014: “You” is the Best Person to Be!

April 2014: You Do Have the Courage to Allow Time to Help You Heal

March 2014: Your Good Thoughts Hold Great Power

February 2014: You are You for a Reason

January 2014: You are Triumphing Over the Growing Pains


December 2013: You Absolutely CAN Change Your Mind

November 2013: You Can Do It – Whatever “It” Is

October 2013: You are NOT a Victim

September 2013: You Have the Right to Rest

August 2013: You Have Every Right to be Proud of You

July 2013: You Really Can Love Your Body

June 2013: You Will Survive Your Own Hard Times

May 2013: You Are Your Own Reward

April 2013: You Really CAN Love Yourself

March 2013: You Were Born to be You

February 2013: You Are Aware

January 2013: Your Sad Feelings Make You Strong


December 2012: You ARE Good at Recovery

November 2012: You Have Such a Good Heart

October 2012: You Can Be HAPPY

September 2012: You CAN Forgive Yourself

August 2012: Your Loneliness is a Good Thing

July 2012: Everything Really IS Alright

June 2012: You Can – and WILL – Figure It Out

May 2012: You CAN Trust

April 2012: You Can Hold Joy

March 2012: You, Too, Can Renew

February 2012: You Deserve Kindness

January 2012: Yes, YOU Can


December 2011: You are Your Most Precious Gift

November 2011: You are Succeeding Every Day

October 2011: You Have Everything You Need

September 2011: Today is Another Great Day to Be YOU

August 2011: You Are Trustworthy

July 2011: You Really ARE Strong Enough

June 2011: YOU Are There for You

May 2011: You Deserve a Little Bling!

April 2011: You Are Doing a Great Job Living Your Life

March 2011: YOU Are Here for Your Support

February 2011: Hello Beautiful YOU!

January 2011: You Are Your Own Miracle


December 2010: Look at YOU!

November 2010: You are BRAVE

October 2010: YOU Are Someone to Be Grateful For

September 2010: Yes, YOU Can (recover, help others, achieve your dreams)

August 2010: YOU Are a Recovery Rockstar

July 2010: There is Always a Reason to Have Hope

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